Priya Chandrasekaran has been playing South Indian Carnatic music on the Veena from the time she was six years old. She has studied under eminent musicians and teachers such as Mrs. Ranganayaki Rajagopalan, Mrs. Durga Krishnan (who now resides in Boston), and Mrs. Kamala Aswathama. She also had the rare privilege of being introduced as a veena player in the movie industry by music maestro Ilayaraja. As her career progressed, she received many opportunities to play for music directors in all the South Indian languages. Priya came to the United States in 1981, where she continued giving concerts and recitals on several occasions. She recorded and released two albums with the group Nadopasana and has also played for many functions at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta. Priya recently published a book titled, The Basic Veena Course, which is accompanied by two instructional CDs. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she continues to perform and teach veena lessons, as well as piano lessons, to students of all ages. Ornamental Showers on the Veena marks Priya’s debut solo album.